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Homepage Category Selection Bug - Theme options
  • Hi

    When I select to display only one category in the "News Post" section, it is still showing post from other categories

    Example. I select display only post from the "Video Games" category however post from the "Latest Books" Category display in the "News Post" Also

  • Same problem for me...
    "News Post" section takes ALL the latest posts and featured posts: category and tag option does not work.

    Featured Posts, also, are always present and I can not delete them by selecting the appropriate option.
  • I'm having this same issue with News Posts. Taxonomy, Terms and Post Count are not working. No matter what settings are selected, all posts from multiple categories are displayed.

    I'm using the latest version: zyml-project-ar2-43c048f
  • I'm having the same problem:

    Currently, the featured sections contain everything I've posted and it's incredibly disorganized.

    I'd like each of my "Featured" sections to have different content. In options, when I try and set either the tag, category or taxonomy, no search results are found (even though everything is setup correctly and should be found).

    Any help solving this problem would be GREATLY appreciated!!
  • postviews.php:

    Delete line 294 ('use_query_posts' => true,)

    Modify the line 295 ('count' => 3,)

    Try it, works for me
  • Hi

    Thanks Mirekk. that worked...

    Nice Work

    Thanks again
  • Where can the postviews.php be found? I've searched the FTP high and low. I'm using zyml-arras-theme-23c036a.
  • Just open wordpress>appearance>editor>postviews.php

    Otherwise via FTP should be similar to wp-content>zyml-arras-theme-23c036a>library>postviews.php
  • Hi

    Search for: 'use_query_posts' => true,
    rather than: ('use_query_posts' => true,)

    inside postviews.php

  • Hi!!

    I'm having the same problem. :-(
    Previous versions did not help......

    I'm using:

    Theme - Project AR2
    Version - ar2.2.0-beta1
    Build - ar2-e9c7c0d

    Help me, please!!

    Advance, very grateful!!
  • Thank you .. I can solve the problem after reading this discussion