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How do I adjust the sidebar width?
  • I can't find it in the CSS anymore.

  • TotalHavokTotalHavok
    Member Accepted Answer
    Pretty sure you'd adjust the width values for the aside and main-aside classes.
  • TotalHavok,
    Thanks for your reply… looks like you're right. Those settings are in the 'Style.CSS'
    The another answer; I found a solution, it was in an older post in the old version of the theme 1.5…

    You add the CSS to the USER.CSS and this.

    #container {

    margin: 0 -330px 0 0;


    #content {

    margin: 0 30px 0 20px;



    #secondary {

    width: 330px;


    I find the CSS of AR and Arras a bit confusing, but once I find the right CSS; I can adjust it.

    I appreciate it…