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Picking up the project again - I goofed
  • Hi all,

    Been a while,
    About 2 years ago I had an idea to start a blog/site about my motorcycle (all dutch atm). I installed it on an old laptop (ubuntu 10 lts) with wordpress 3x. I used the arrastheme that was available then (I think 1.5) and flavored it with my own style and gfx.

    Due to some changes irl I had to abandon the project. I was using a password managers then so I logged on with my normal user-account to wordpress but no luck. I tried the admin-account. No luck either.. No problem.. I tried to logon the linux. Yeah - that still works. I just have to reset the two account by "hacking" mysql. The credentials for the root and wordpress account for mysql are also in the password manager. *no luck*. No clue what happened to the credentials stored in the password manager. I did have the knowledge/time to figure out then how to setup the password mailer (no mailsetup on the linuxbox).

    Site works fine but can no longer be maintained.

    I think I have to re-install from scratch but...

    Is it possible to "hack" wordpress with some extra code to automatically unlock my admin-account.. (I have access to the wordpress code since i still have root-rights on the laptop. I put a lot of work in it and would be very sad I all is lost..

    Thanks in advance
  • Hi

    1. Did you try the password reset, on the wp-admin login screen ?

    2. We can get the password directly from the database if you can login to cpanel
    instructions here: