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A couple of questions
  • Hi there,

    I'm using the latest versions of Classical Gamer and Arras and I have a few questions:

    1: How can I align the tagline and the search box to the bottom of the logo? By default it seems to be aligned to the top.

    2: Can I put more text into the tagline and use a
    there for the next line?

    3: If B is: No!, how can I put up a text box somewhere in the upper area of the main page to display what my page is about?

    4: What social links are supported? By default it only shows RSS, but I can see that you can enter a Facebook and a Twitter account. I assume that their icons pop up when I've entered my data, but does it support more social networks like e.g. Google +?

    5: I saw in one of your demos a review box in a posting. What is the shortcode for that? Where do I find a list for all theme specific shortcodes?

    6: There is a link in the "Arras Options" page title "Quick Start Guide". It points to this URL: , but it appears that there's absolutely no content at that URL. Is that correct or doesn't it show up correctly on my PC for whatever reason?

    That's it for now. Thanks for your answers in advance...
  • Okay... what will I have to do to get answers to my questions? Will I have to open a new thread for each single one of them?
  • Hello? ... -ello, -ello...

    Anybody here? -ere?, -ere?

    Echo...! echo, echo, echo...

    Is there anybody here who might give some assistance to someone who purchased this theme for money? Any other way to get support?
  • I think its this forum. The old one was great and had useful search facilities that brought up relevant threads so you never needed to add a new thread, just search for your fault. This forum is very basic and poor by comparison.

    If you want to make changes, download firefox and install firebug. You can highlight the element you want, change the code at browser level to see if it works before making any coding changes. Goodluck