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Setting Slideshow Category
  • Hello. The new theme is great. However, in the previous versions, you were able to set the category the slideshow looks at. Now you cannot seem to do it. I'm trying to set the slideshow to show 'News' and the lower areas to displays posts from other categories. I managed to achieve this in the previous version of theme, but not now. Any ideas please? Thanks, Paul
  • In Appearance > Options > Home, you'll find options for the Slideshow. Under Taxonomy, choose Categories. Then in Terms type News (or whatever category you want it to find). Hope that helps!
  • Hi, I love the theme too and just installed it. But no matter what I try, I can't get any featured images to appear in the slideshow or the smaller images below it. They do appear in the posts (I've only added one image so far, and will wait to add more after I get this to work). I assume "featured image" is what used to be "post thumbnail", is that right? I couldn't find any "post thumbnail" feature. Thanks for any help.

    Sorry, just realized this is the wrong topic; I will post it under Arras 1.x
  • Hi mate,
    Trying to figure out how I can set a static slideshow of images. I've tried media, but whenever a new image is added to the media library it takes over the slideshow (say, if I select to show 6 images, it's always the last 6 added to the media library).

    Tried posts and pages too, but then it want's to slideshow a summary of the actual post or page, not the images on it.

    Any idea's how I can achieve my desired outcome?