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Bug? Node based excerpt text in Featured Posts gets visually cut off
  • On the homepage of my site, I have the tapestry display type set to "node based".

    Now, if I have my excerpt text set to 40 words, the last 10 words are cut off, i.e. the next line of nodes visually overlap the text. It appears as if the node height was somehow set to a fixed height. It does not adapt to the text length.

    If I set my excerpt to a maximum length of 20 words, then everything looks okay, as there is then enough space for the text. However, I don't want that because in that case the excerpt text gets cut to 20 words everywhere.

    Why doesn't the node height adapt to the text length?

    EDIT: I use the very latest versions of Wordpress, ARRAS and Classical Gamer

    EDIT 2: I want the node based excerpt text to show up like on this demo screenshot of the theme:
    They even show a "Continue Reading" button underneath the text that I don't get no matter how low I set the word limit.

    Please, please help... I didn't edit any of the PHP stuff. Just a clean install and it doesn't work like it's supposed to. :(