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No support? Can I get my money back?
  • I have posted multiple questions and discussions over the past couple of weeks and did not get any response, help or feedback at all.

    This whole forum is full of questions, that do not get answers. The link to the theme documentation that is provided in the ARRAS theme options menu ( is dead. I've pointed this out before, but nobody seems to care.

    As a customer/buyer of this theme, I feel ripped off and left alone.
    I spent money on this theme and I think that people should know that they are left alone after their purchase.
  • Hi Exodawn,

    I apologise for not noticing your questions in the forums for the past few days. Had been busy with school lately.

    I've uploaded the Quick Start Guide over at Arras' GitHub project page:

    As for all your other questions, you could drop me an email and I'd would answer them and would assist you if you need additional help customising it.
  • Generally, I post a query; and if I crack it myself, I post the answer also. This time I have a query which has left me flummoxed and I posted this query on Feb. 16. This is regarding setting footer column width . I am not able to change the width of the footer sidebars from anywhere, including user.css. I have gone through all css files, base.css, default.css, etc. but am unable to find "footer-sidebar width". View page source shows: ".footer-sidebar { width: 154px; }, but I cannot find this in any of the css files. I need to change it to 190px. Is this generated by some function in the theme?

    Help is highly appreciated. Thanks & Regards.


    PS: Posted this query in WP forums. See the comments from "Theme Diva & Forum Moderator":