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Custom media slideshow on front page
  • I'm running the latest WordPress, over at with AR2 with only basic plugin's installed (contact form and jetpack).

    I'm trying to figure out how I can set a static slideshow of images. I've tried media, but whenever a new image is added to the media library it takes over the slideshow (say, if I select to show 6 images, it's always the last 6 added to the media library).

    Tried posts and pages too, but then it want's to slideshow a summary of the actual post or page, not the images on it.

    Any idea's how I can achieve my desired outcome?

    Many thanks :)
  • Hi guys, can anyone give me a hint on this?

    I can't make new posts with feature images at all, because the moment I do it add the image to my slideshow - do not want!

    I want the slideshow to be static images - can anyone offer some advice???
  • Bump - anyone?

    4 months and not a single reply.... :/
  • Hello Thraxlol, when you use posts for the slideshow are you setting the image to be a "featured image" (link is found on the lower right hand side of the post entry page)?
  • Hi, yes I am at the moment. This is because I have had to change the way I wanted the site to look so that I could fit the behavior of the theme. I wanted to have a static slideshow on the front page, but it constantly had more images added to it when they were added to the media library in the back end.

    As a result I did away with what I wanted and changed it so that the front page slideshow was for feature images from posts.