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from beta to official....?
  • sorry for being "that guy", but I am ridiculously excited to get rolling with AR2 on my sites :) I noticed the github has it's most recent updates from months ago, however - is that bad news, or am i just looking in the wrong spot for news?
  • Been busy for the past few months due to school. I'll be having a term break for the month of December I would be able to push out a new release by this month (for WordPress 3.5).
  • Good to hear, I would love to launch a new layout next month, Just waiting for the first full release at the least.
  • awesome, zy - great to hear. can't wait to get the new stuffs in there :)
  • I tested this theme with WordPress 3.4.2 for a few days now and have I few observations I hope will be of value to you. I like the theme and would like to use it.

    I did test the theme with LTR (German, Spanish) and RTL (Persian).
    The LTR (German, Spanish) version did work very well. I found no issues but was wondering if in a future version there would be a possibility to select the tabs that are displayed in the tabbed sidebar and if for the featured posts it would be possible to select which posts should be featured, for example, in the slideshow instead of having just the latest few there.

    The RTL (Persian) version does show some issues. For example, Site Title and main menu do not get aligned to the right, they remain on left, slideshow does not work (no pictures displayed and not rotating), pictures in the tabbed sidebar as well as in the Featured Posts (Quick Preview), remain on the left instead of being displayed on the right. So are the tabs in the tabbed sidebar,

    I can provide screenshots, if you want. I am also working on the Persian translation for your theme, which I can also provide if needed.

    Hope this helps.
  • Remember that some of us are still using the regular, non-AR2 Arras theme, and we'd be extremely grateful for a Wordpress 3.5 update! Thank you for providing such great support, as always!