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Arras Issue with WP e-commerce Please Help
  • I am trying to build a site for a friend that uses arras and WP e-commerce. I created the template for the products page and it is listed within the Pages list on my admin page. The shortcode productpages is the only thing on the page. But when I go to that page it just shows the error message about nothing being there. I previously saw a discussion on this topic, but it ended with the question of whether or not the products page was created.

    Anyway, here is the main page The home page is incomplete, the only thing it will have on it is a big image and some links. If you click the Store link at the top it will take you to a different page i created and put the category shortcode onto, that works fine. But for the plugin to work properly it has to have that products page working instead.

    Let me know if you need any more info. Thanks for any help.

  • Anyone out there that can help with this issue? I am working towards opening quite a few stores and it would be great to be able to use Arras for some of them. But if I can't get this issue resolved I will have to go with another theme and spread the word about it rather than one of my favorite WordPress Themes, Arras.