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AR2 Home Theme Options not saving, Taxonomy Problem?
  • Hi. first, that you for the great theme...its incredible! I will be donating.

    I am currently having a problem with the Home Page Theme Options.

    I had the "Slide Show" and "Featured Posts #1" assigned to specific tags. Now, the tags do not save. When I entering the tags, the system does not search my terms/taxonomy (like it used to).

    I recently upgrading to WP 3.5 and Project-AR2-master version. I've deactivated all plugins and have no caching installed.

    Any ideas why my Home Page Theme Options are not saving?

    Thanks for the help!
  • I have similar problem. Drop down menu does not work under Home tab. I am not able to change my selections for Slideshow and featured posts.
  • I solved the issue...

    I add this line to wp-config.php to fix the WP 3.5 Visual Editor/Add Media button:

    define('CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS', false );

    When I delete this line, the terms in the Options section work normally.

    Now, how do I fix the Add Media button!? :)
  • I have the same problems. Drop Down istn't working under Home tab. I din't find the line

    define('CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS', false );
  • I am having the same issue. I cant save categories to show in my different section.
    Is there a fix to this yet as is quite fundamental part of the site
    Tried the above in WP-Config but doesn't seem to have worked.....
  • Just to up date this, I have another version of the same Arras install on an older version of WordPress where the token input works for the Terms input.
    Using fire bug, the 'non working' code shows


    Please choose your taxonomy before proceeding.

    where as the working code displays as


    • Headlines


    Please choose your taxonomy before proceeding.

    To note it shows an extra as I have a category in there 'Headlines'.
  • Hi,

    I had this same problem and I just wanted to share with everyone the workaround that I found so anyone can use it if they need.

    First of all, the issue itself. Like everyone else, I can't save any categories or tags to the individual sections, which of course, is a major feature of the theme functionality. When inspecting the page with Chrome developer tools, it catches two errors going on with the javascript files "theme-options.js" and "jquery.tokeninput.min.js":

    Uncaught ReferenceError: ar2Admin_l10n is not defined
    Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method 'tokenInput'

    So, if anyone wants to solve this bug properly without a workaround, that's all the info I can provide. But, in the meantime, this is my workaround:

    After you've saved the theme options how you want them to be, go to the theme tools and you will see the option for importing and exporting your options. We are going to copy/paste our currently provided export code into the import box, manually insert our category terms, and then press save .That will import our old options with the additions of the categories we selected.

    There is a line in the export code that refers to the four different sections of your home page. It's called "sections" and it lists off the options for these four sections: "slideshow", "featured-posts-1", "featured-posts-2", "news-posts". In each section it has this option:


    We want to add in our categories to those square brackets. But, don't just stick in the name of your category. It's looking for the id number of your category. To find this you will have to go into your mysql database and lookup the table called "wp_terms". (The preface may not be wp_, it goes according to the preface you specified in your database install. "wp_" is the default preface.) In wp_terms you will find all the categories and tags, each with its own ID number. Jot down the ID numbers of the categories you wish to use.

    Go back to the theme options export code and manually insert the ID numbers for the terms option of each section. For example, if you wanted to use only category 20 you would write this:


    If you wanted to use more than one category, like 20 and 26, you would go like this:


    Once you do that, just paste the new options code into the import text box and save. The new terms will NOT show up in the options page itself, but if you check your site you will see that they are indeed working.