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PageNavi powered page titles
  • Hi all, I hope you can help. I need to set my titles for each page after the homepage.

    In Arras' settings Home I have the title 'Design News & Features' under the News Posts dropdown. I see from other threads that this is the post type that works best with PageNavi.

    This title now shows on the home page, but 2 issues occur;

    1. The title of page 2 defaults back to 'Latest News' title, but page 2 being older posts this is a misrepresentation of the content.
    How do I keep this as 'Design News & Features' for all pages?

    2. The last 3 posts of my main home page (page 1) also show at the start of page 2.
    I have News Count set to 30 posts and also 'Blog pages show at most' set at 30 in Reading settings.

    All I have done is replace the call code (in home.php) as per the Installation instructions.

    Thanks in advance.