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Header problem
  • I just made a website for my client using AR2 client are very pleased with the result..but I've got a little problem with the header..when I open the sites on iPhone the header was not resizing to iPhone screen size...I've try to search on google and try to make some change on function.php and header.php but the header still not responsive...

    can somebody help me with this problem? I really appreciated for the help....


  • There have been issues with the header related to the linking to the homepage implementation that was added in the last version. I believe the plan is to remove the linking which should fix the issue in the next release.
  • Thank you magaman for your answer..but the problem for me is not about linking the homepage with problem is...when you look at your site in laptop or PC so the header width is 960px..but when you open the site from mobile device the header width not resize to you only see part of the header..
  • I understand ,what I was saying is since the header linking was added the header has been broken. So the issues might be related.