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Adjust body so that forum isnt cut off
  • Hi all

    Im trying to get my Vanilla forum embedded within the theme using Arras 2.0 (downloaded latest from github) but unfortunately only the "embed friendly" themes work within the arras page (I have made a copy of the full width template and removed things like comments and sharing).

    As there is relatively little choice of themes for vanilla I would like to use a non "embed friendly" by editing the template for the arras page so that the vanilla theme can go wide enough. Alternatively, can I just increase the width of my entire site? I'm sure there was a setting in arras 1.5 to do this but I cant find that in the 2.0 project (is that planned?).

    Thanks in advance for help and suggestions - the forum can be viewed at:


    P.S. Is the forum theme here going to be made available to download - perhaps as a paid for product?