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Header image height adjustment again - sorry to be a pain...
  • Happy New Year !!

    I want to place a 960x140px image in the page header (changed from the default 120px) and have made the following adjustments:

    a) edited functions.php so that I now have:

    add_theme_support( 'custom-header', array (
    'width' => 960,
    'height' => 140,
    'default-text-color' => '333',
    'wp-head-callback' => 'ar2_header_style',
    'admin-head-callback' => 'ar2_admin_header_style',
    'admin-preview-callback' => 'ar2_admin_header_image',

    b) edited style.css so that I now have:

    /* =Header
    -------------------------------------------------------------- */
    #header {
    max-width: 960px;
    height: 140px;
    margin: 0 auto;
    padding: 10px;
    background: #FFF;

    c) edited user.css and added:

    #header { height:140px !important;}

    ........and it's still not working. I think the header is 140px deep but the image is still cropped to 120px deep, with 20px of white space unused below the image.

    I think I have fixed this before with some .php code which was inserted (I think) into the header.php file but I can't find the snippet. I'd be grateful for any suggestions.

    problem visible at

    Best wishes for 2013.
  • Found the solution:

    alter line 756 in styles.php to required image height. (Having left all code as described above in situ).

    Again, best wishes for 2013.
  • Could you say what you changed on line 756? For me line 756 is the flickr social button... Also, I assume you meant style.css?

    Thanks -
  • It is 756 in styles.php I think it is in code which makes the header image clickable to return to the home page.

    Good Luck.
  • In styles.php you need to search for this function:

    function ar2_header_style()

    Within that function you'll have
    height: <?php echo get_custom_header()->height; ?>px;

    Since you already modified the functions.php file I don't see why it isn't allowing you to crop the correct height & width. I'd make sure that this function has that above height line. and that the actual function controlling the wp-admin front end cropping system has:

    function ar2_admin_header_style()

    has the same:
    height: <?php echo get_custom_header()->height; ?>px;

    If you don't want to deal with th efront end just place the exact height size in the ar2_header_style() function.
    height: 140px;

    That should work