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Categories not staying seperated
  • I have categories listed in a main menu. When I click on any of them all posts are showing under the category. For example if I have 3 categories, Scott, Brenden and Colton. All brenden and colton posts are showing under the Scott menu.

    This was happening on a local windows install locally as well as an install from import/export to a linux host.

    Additionally a new issue on the linux host that was not happening on the windows local install is that images included in posts are not showing in the slider or thumbnail unless I set featured image. This seemed to work automatically on the windows/local host.

    Any help greatly appreciated.

  • I am considering deleting all the categories and re-adding them. It's a bit of work, but I don't know any other potential fix.

  • Tested removing all the categories....Didn't help. Loving the theme, exactly what I wanted but this might be a show stopper.....ARGH
  • Tentatively 2.0.1-beta-dev seems to have resolved issue. I was using what I thought was the latest 2.0-beta2 and having the issue.

    Have not checked the thumbnail issue with the 2.0.1 beta dev version...

  • Hey guys any luck on solving this issue? I'm having the same problem on a live site my posts are all mixed up amongst all my categories, this started when I updated to Wordpress 3.5.
  • YAY found a fix

    I simply copied the entire /library/ folder over and it fixed, get the fix files from the link bellow.
  • Fix worked great, thank you marcoscurvello!
  • I confirm, that this resolves the issue.
  • Yep. This restored my categories and tags back. I'm still testing but it looks good. Thanks, Marcos!
  • Hello!

    Sorry guys, I am new to this... how do you copy the library over??