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Arras Theme - Top Menu Categories - Color not showing properly for sub-categories
  • Hello all,

    I installed the awesome theme ( Arras WordPress Theme 1.5). Everything works fine except for the top menus. I didn't create a Menu and used the Default settings where the theme simply lists the Categories and then the Sub-categories. Lets say I have listed Countries, then States, then Cities.

    When you hover over Countries, a drop down menu of Countries is listed. Then when you hover lets say United States, a list of States appear. However, (assuming the State Category consists of Cities) you can only read the list of states when you hover over it otherwise the Text color is the same as the Background color of the tab and is invisible. If the state doesnt have any cities listed within its category, then its displayed properly, however, if it consists of cities then you will have to hover your mouse to read the list.

    In order to read the sub-categories (sub-categories which consists of other sub-categories only) you have to move the mouse through the list.

    Does that make sense? I would appreciate your help.