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[RESOLVED] Page 2 of Posts not showing the expected posts (offset problem ?)
  • Hoping someone can help - I've searched the forums but am unfortunately none the wiser !

    I'm running v1.5.1.2 Arras on my site and have been for some time. As my site has grown, I've only just realised that going to PAGE 2 of my posts does not show all of the posts - some recent ones seem to be omitted. I can see these missing posts just fine if I select one of the category archives.

    I played around with the Arras theme settings - selecting different categories & quantity of posts to display, but this didn't seem to help. I even reset all the Arras settings (using the button) and went through selecting all the options again. Here are my settings - maybe I'm doing something stupid ? -

    Featured Posts #1 - not shown
    Featured Posts #2 - Posts, 1 selected category, Quick Preview, Post Count = 3 posts
    News Posts - Posts, 18 selected categories (all of them) + stickies, Node Based, News Count = 4 posts

    After searching google and on here, I've seen mention of the OFFSET - an Arras feature designed I think to prevent posts from page 1 appearing again on page 2 - but I can't find a way to edit this feature, or disable it completely. I'm not so bothered about posts from page 1 also appearing on page 2 - I would much prefer this than them not appearing at all ! :)

    Hoping someone can help, or point me in the right direction.

    Thanks. :)
  • Sorry to have to bump my own thread, but can anyone offer a line of advice please ? :)
  • OK - I was reading way too much into this, and the 'fix' was actually very simple ! For the record, here's the solution -

    Arras Options - Home - News Count = 4 posts (as required)

    WP - Settings - Reading - 'Blog pages show at most' = 8 posts - this was obviously being over-ridden by the above setting, but became relevant when doing 'next page' to see 8 posts per page.

    8 - 4 = 4 'missing' posts !

    So setting the 'Reading' parameter to 4 fixes this - home page doesn't change, but going to page 2 now shows the expected posts.

    Having only 4 posts per page for pages 2,3,4 etc is too low, so I'm now experimenting with a couple of plugins that should allow me the extra functionality to over-ride this -

    Custom Posts Per Page -
    - or -
    cbnet Different Posts Per Page -