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Front Page Slideshow has stopped working
  • I have had two sites running and running fine for months. They are on two separate webhosted services from Heart Internet. Yesterday the slideshow stopped working as did the plugin Portfolio slideshow embedded in posts on both sites.
    Any ideas?
    Could this be an environment update by Heart?
  • We also have an issue with the slider. Hoping there is a fix - it worked fine until today, we think.
  • Same here. It was working fine until a few days ago.
    I posted in a different thread that the dropdown menu stopped working all of a sudden as well. The suspicion is gathering "against" javascript for these sudden errors.
    Somebody please help!
  • not much help maybe, but IE has a useful mode to check for page errors - F12 - Console tab, then go to your site.
  • I tried that, Chrome has that function as well, but the info I get is not helpful.
    I tried to turn every plugin off that uses jQuery, but nothing helped.
    It always gives the same error:

    SCRIPT5007: Unable to get property 'msie' of undefined or null reference

    'msie' is also in superfish.js used by Arras

    I have the same setup on a test site and there everything is working fine. It's really frustrating.