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How to choose which post can appear in the "featured post#1" list?
  • Hi, i would like to activate the "Featured post" option, but i don't know how to select which post will be listed in that space. I choose to display the "page" in the featured post #1 space, but my pages have not categories and i don't know what is a sticky post or how to "build" a sticky post. Should i create category to choose which page i can display? thank you.
  • I was looking for this solution as well and I believe that I have found it.

    I installed the plugin: Post Tags and Categories for Pages

    This allowed me to use categories for my pages.

    I then modified home.php in my child theme:

    #Look for this section under featured1
    arras_featured_loop( arras_get_option('featured1_display'), apply_filters('arras_featured1_query', array(
    'list' => $featured1_cat,
    'taxonomy' => arras_get_option('featured1_tax'),
    'query' => array(
    'posts_per_page' => $featured1_count,
    'exclude' => $post_blacklist,
    'post_type' => arras_get_option('featured1_posttype')

    #Change post_type to -> 'post_type' => array('page', 'post')

    This will display any page or post that has the desired category on your front page.

    Tested and working on