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How do you make the header clickable?
  • I've installed the Project AR2 and it looks perfect. But how do you make the header clickable?
  • HI,

    go to Github Arras 2.0 and install the newest theme update (2.0.1 beta)

    has this solved for me and many other things


  • I still can't find a solution to this. I can't make my header clickable and I'm using the latest version of the beta.
  • Commenting on this for my good buddy Kevin ^ of

    The way I solved this was by getting the latest "commit" on Github. A commit is not the same thing as the official Beta 2.0. It's not actually declared to be a safe version by the author, but from what I've seen, his latest commit solved a lot of issues for me.

    Get it here by clicking on ZIP: