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Change Size of slideshow
  • I want change the size of slideshow, like this:

    Please help me. And sorry for my bad english
  • What is your site? It will be easier to help out because it will depend on which theme you are using and what style you are using for where the changes you will need to make.
  • my site is: and I using Arras 1.5.2

    I testing my website right now.

    Thank you and waiting for your answer

  • So, I am using, but I imagine that they are rather similar in their structure. From your dashboard, head over to your "Arras" tab on the left side, then you should get "theme options". Once in there you will have options like "general, home, layout, design, thumbnails, tools". Check out the thumbnails option. It gives you varying options for the different thumbnail sizes.

    I am not entirely sure what you originally tried, but at least for me, with your current slideshow, I can only see the "scroll left" arrow. The "scroll right" arrow does not show up.
  • I want move down the sidebar. And and fill the entire zone slideshow
  • I am not sure I understand exactly what you are saying you want.

    Do you not want the preview text in the slideshow as seen in the original link that you provided?
  • I want the slideshow about this size. and place the sidebar below it, not to the side.
    For example:

    Excuse me, you don't understand my english or my explication about that I want???
  • Towelto, thanks for the image. That helps out quite a bit. Unfortunately, I can't quite figure out how to re-create what that user was able to do.

    I did notice that they have a stylesheet they are using named twitterlateralbar.css. I don't know if that is a sheet that they designed themselves or if it comes within Arras 1.5.2. I tried to replicate what I could with and a one column layout, but didn't see that option.

    Perhaps someone else can come along and help you along further. Though you may want to start a new topic with the image you posted here and the links to the two sites since you already marked this thread as being answered, it makes it less likely for people to continue to check in. Best of luck, sorry I couldn't help you out.
  • Thank very much.

    I try again.