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Node thumbnails size
  • Hi, i'm trying to change size of node thumbnails. I've tried to change settings in options -> thumbnails -> post section (also everything else) but nothing changed. I've also tried to regenerate thumbnails but still nothing. Unfortunatelly i haven't found solution on forum so I'm starting new topis. Thumbnails cannot be change at all. I'm using newest version of AR2 from github. My page is you can see node on archive pages.
  • I think I may seeing the same.

    It worked with 2.0.0. I tried 2.0.1 library to solve the category archive issue (which it did) but then all my thumbnails appeared to default to original aspect ratio hence different depths.

    I tried both the regenerate thumbnail and force regenerate plugins as this was reported to work by others - but not for me.

    Try reverting to 2.0.0 and see if it cures the problem. The good news is we know the problem is in the 2.0.1 library folder as that is all I overwrote to see the issue.

    By the way - great theme!

    My problem was that I was using AR2 on a different server from the one I used Arras and the previous beta of AR2. This new server did not have the GD graphics library installed. However, AR2 thumbnails page does not, unlike the corresponding Arras age, give a warning GD is missing and so thumbnails will not be resized. So I had no idea why the problem was occurring.

    It would be nice if the warning could be added in a future beta.