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Pb with categories
  • Hi,
    First at all, a big thank you for this work, it's a great theme !

    I previously Arras (v1) and try tonight the beta 2. All is ok except a "big" thing : all links to "category" don't show articles by category, but ALL articles by order, so, without the filter of the category.

    My website :
    You can reproduce the problem with the menu, or inside an article by clicking on the category.

    If someone has a answer for me :) ?

  • Hi,
    I am having the same issue where all articles are being displayed in the categorical breakdown pages.
  • same problem here..........
  • Same problem here..... please come up with a solution. Thanks for the theme.
  • YAY found a fix

    I simply copied the entire /library/ folder over and it fixed, get the fix files from the link bellow.
  • This still isn't working for me. Could you detail more of exactly what you did?
  • This fixed it with me. I just replaced the entire library file with the library file from the master zip.
    Quite easy...
    However I am having issues setting which categories should be showing in the Slider and the Nodes Tapestry sections.
    I am adding the category names as terms however they don't seem to be saving.......
    Can I do this directly on the database if I cant get the front end to work.
    There seems to be a link between cats and objects, however I don't know the object ID for the slider.
    Any one else seeing this? Any fixes?
  • It's the postviews.php file in /library/ that's messing it up. As florent61 suggested, download the, but only copy over postviews.php.
  • thank you florent61 ;)
  • Not sure where the /library file is?? Can anyone help?
  • I have literally copied over the .postviews file from the link into my CSS and it has changed nothing. Do I have to copy over all of the library files (Like copy + paste) or do I upload the library file itself?