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"Older Entries" button not appearing on the home page
  • I am using Arras On the front page there is not a button for "older entries". If you go to a categories or tags page, the buttons do show up. for both older and newer entries. I don't recall doing much editing to the front page other than aligning things a little more cleanly in the nav-bars and the header-image area.

    Here is a link for my site, if anyone wants to take a closer look:
  • I found a solution.

    In the Arras Theme Options, in the "home" tab I had simply selected the slideshow and "featured posts #1". That led to not being able to see the "older entries" button on the home page of the website. I am not entirely sure why. However I deselected "featured posts #1" and selected "new posts" and set it up the same way and was able to get the "older entries" option back on the front page.